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Our Story

At Olamii, we have committed to sustainability and are conscious of our duty to protect the environment and improve standards within the fashion industry, all our pieces are designed to stand the test of time and, from source to receipt, are made with environment in mind.

Olamii was founded by Ola, serving as a reflection for her love of the ocean and island life. Born in Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Ola always dreamt of escaping the concrete jungle and setting by the ocean. She has spent the last 10 years traveling across Indonesia and Oceania and has since settled on Bali with her surf family.

Inspired by island life, Ola created Olamii to reflect her love of travel, sisterhood and sacred femininity. This luxe jewellery brand gives new life to the ‘classic’ pearl necklace, combining both extravagance and simplicity to create pieces that echo the beauty and wonder of island life. With pearls sourced from the Maluku islands of Indonesia, each unique design is carefully and lovingly hand crafted out of the finest materials by local artisans in the mountains of Bali, giving each piece an authentic island feel. Olamii awakens the sacred feminine, bringing a sense of elegance and adventure to every day life.