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Replate Your Jewellery

We believe that your Olamii Jewellery should last a lifetime.

Jewelry holds profound sentimental significance, often passed down through generations, symbolizing timeless connections. We also understand that your affection for your jewelry means it rarely leaves your side – you may even wear it while swimming, surfing, or sleeping. Naturally, this constant companionship can cause the 22K Gold Vermeil to gradually lose its luster and acquire a charming, aged patina, though it may not appear as fresh as the day you acquired it.

We are pleased to offer our Olamii family the opportunity to revitalize and replate their Jewellery. This allows you to breathe new life into your beloved pieces while preserving their sentimental value. As for our Sterling Silver jewelry, we can expertly polish them for you.

Simply email and provide a photo of your jewelry, and we will promptly provide you with a cost estimate and organize the process.