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responsible commitments

Responsible Commitments // Olamii

We have partnered with The Punch Community, which encourages brands to share their impactful sustainable commitments and connect with worldwide conscious consumers.
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Olamii is a conscious brand built on a commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment. From source to receipt, each piece is designed, produced, and delivered with the utmost care and attention. With years of experience working in fashion, Olamii founder, Ola is proud to join the Punch Community as she feels a deep sense of responsibility to do her part in improving standards within the industry — "I founded Olamii with the belief that making fine jewellery doesn’t have to come at the cost of our values, our communities, or our planet. I believe true sustainability is about transparently addressing our impacts on the environment and the people in our ecosystem.”
Lowering Carbon Emissions
In 2018 the fashion industry was responsible for 4% of the worlds carbon emissions. Since then, many brands have been trying to drastically reduce this number. Committed to the cause, Olamii pays great attention to the many ways in which it can contribute to making a real difference.
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Sustainable Sourcing
All the materials used to make Olamii products are sourced from within Indonesia. With pearls from the Maluku islands and silver and gold from Papua, Olamii pieces don’t travel the world before they reach your hands.
Mindful Production Practices
Once sourced, the materials are sent to the mountains of Bali where each design is handcrafted by local artisans and brought to life. It isn’t until the delivery process that any of the materials or finished products are sent outside of Indonesia.
Waste Management
At Olamii, all of jewellery is made in small batches. This slower, more mindful approach to fashion means that nothing goes to waste and end-of-season surpluses are non-existent.
gold vermeil and natural pearls
Supporting Local Communities
Olamii was created during the pandemic and provided a new lease of life to not only Ola, but also Indonesian natives whose lives have been drastically affected by the country’s absence of tourists. All employees are paid fair wages, and every Olamii purchase supports businesses across Indonesia that are desperate to get back on their feet.
Responsible Packaging and Delivery
All products are packed in handmade boxes that are not only super chic, but also plastic free. Olamii delivers worldwide with DHL and all orders are sent in eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging.
eco packaging
Quality Over Quantity
Olamii is all about quality over quantity; using only the finest materials to ensure that each piece stands the test of time. To ensure that your jewellery lasts a lifetime, please follow the recommended care instructions. 
Saying NO to Trends
A huge part of making fashion more sustainable is challenging consumerism and over consumption. Olamii says NO to the classic marketing trends and tactics that encourage society to buy, buy, buy and, instead, inspires customers to be mindful of their purchasing habits.
no trends
A Commitment to Change
True sustainability relies on a commitment to change. It calls for flexibility and a continued willingness to learn. Olamii pledges to do exactly this and is dedicated to improving its practices where needed.

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